On the morning of June 30 I had the following to say about Daniel Murphy:

"What made him such a potentially valuable hitter at 2B is that 2B rarely hit for the type of power Murphy did in 2009...That Murphy seems to have lost his one above-average skill (for that position) does not bode well."

Well, Murph has clearly seen my challenge and responded with vigor, notching four doubles and a homer in six games since then. That's more like it Murph! Much like with any other player, it's incredibly stupid to draw any conclusions from six games, but it's worth noting that this is the Daniel Murphy that looked like he could end up as an elite-hitting 2B. Actually Murphy has 7 doubles, a triple and a home run over his last 153 PA, after notching just ten doubles, a triple and a home run in his first 236 appearances. I wouldn't concern myself with the lack of home run power, Murph's a doubles hitter, and those disappearing doubles were what troubled me far more than any lack of home runs.

So maybe now it's time for Murph to even things out, much like I was talking about earlier with Jason Bay.

Wow winning three in a row can certainly make you pretty optimistic about a team on which Jose Reyes, David Wright, Ike Davis and Johan Santana are currently injured, can't it?