Currently, hands are being wrung in the Metsphere about a Yahoo report which says "Jose Reyes...has told friends he would love to sign with the Angels when he becomes a free agent after the season."

Now, aside from the fact that this is totally unsubstantiated rumor attributed to unnamed "friends," but yea, I'll bet Jose Reyes would play in LA if they offered him the amount of money he's seeking. I bet he'd also play for the Yankees, Red Sox and a whole bunch of other teams for that money. It doesn't mean he wouldn't also play for the Mets for that same price, or wouldn't prefer to play for the Mets for that same price.

In fact, it doesn't mean anything. 

Look, I would hope that Reyes takes some sort of hometown discount to stay with the Mets, but at the end of the day, the major factor with where most players sign is usually how much money they are offered, end of story.

And honestly, who could blame Jose Reyes -- at equal or more money -- for wanting to play in warm, sunny, Southern California.