Ever wonder what people are interested in when it comes to certain Mets player? Well, conveniently, the auto complete on a Google search lets us know just that. Here's what people are searching for relating to various Mets...

Jose Reyes - Trade (No. 1 option)

No surprise here. Whether Jose Reyes will be traded is probably the second hottest question in baseball right now, right after "How does Chase Utley get so much grease in his hair?" Give it a few more weeks and MVP could be a popular choice for autofill, too.

David Wright - Girlfriend (No. 2)

The quesiton here for the ladies is "Does David Wright have a girlfriend." And for the men, "How hot is David Wright's girlfriend and can I see a photo of her?" Everyone needs to know about David Wright's imaginary girlfriend.

Ike Davis - Jewish (No. 3)

Yes, you may have heard Ike Davis is chosen in more ways than one, both as a Jew and the future answer to the trivia question "Who is the greatest baseball player ever to live?" What are people searching for though? Confirmation that Ike Davis is Jewish? Do people want evidence like with Obama's birth certificate? Much like with the Obama situation, I assume it was a hoax. 24 years ago, Ike Davis's parents contacted a Rabbi to fake Jewish credentials for their son. Then, on the off chance he became a successful major league baseball player, he'd be slightly more notable. That totally happened.

Jason Bay - Contract (No. 2)

Everyone wants to know just how bad Jason Bay's contract is. Let me answer for you: It's really, really, really, really bad. I'm surprised the search isn't Jason Bay sucks. Personally, my most common google search for Jason Bay is "When will Omar Minaya get another chance to run a major league team and trade for Bay's contract?"

Johan Santana - Injury (No. 2)

Excuse me while I vomit a little.

Justin Turner - Hit in the Face (No. 3)

This was the most unexpected result, and a story I didn't know where, believe it or not, Justin Turner got hit in the face.