I don't know what to say right now. I was at yesterday's game with my father, a belated Father's Day gift, which, while nice in theory, turned out to be a nightmarish game to attend. As the events unfolded, neither of us had much to say besides "of course." Jose Reyes's mysterious disappearance in the second inning gave way to Daniel Murphy hopping off the field looking like we won't be seeing him again for a year, which begat the comical sight that was David Wright playing shortstop, which eventually, ended with Larry Jones, of course, getting the game-winning hit.

Of course.

That's the type of refrain that you'll hear from Mets fans now: Of course.

Of course the Mets have suffered injuries like this. The Mets' best position player, Jose Reyes, is now injured for the second time this season. The Mets' second best position player, Carlos Beltran, managed not to get injured at all for the first time in three years, but is, of course, now playing elsewhere. The Mets' third best position player, David Wright, missed 59 games with an injury, the first significant one of his career. The Mets' fourth best position player, Ike Davis, ran into Wright in early May and hasn't played since. The Mets' fifth best position player, Angel Pagan, missed 30 games earlier this season with an injury and has been mired in a season-long BABIP landmine. The Mets' sixth best position player, Daniel Murphy (who's actually been their third best player over the full course of the season), is now out for who knows how long with a grim-sounding MCL tear. Of course he is.

The Mets' best pitcher, Johan Santana, hurt himself last season, had surgery, still isn't close to ready to pitch at the major league level, and, as a 32 year old pitcher who just had shoulder surgery, may never been the same again.

The Mets' best prospect heading into the season, Jenrry Mejia, had Tommy John surgery earlier this year. The Mets' best upper-level position prospect, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, just had season ending surgery.

Of course he did.

I guess the small bright side is that with the exception of Santana and maybe Reyes, none of these injuries seem all that likely to impact the player's long-term career. Hell, maybe these hamstring injuries will scare Reyes and other teams enough that he'll accept a deal much more to the Mets liking than the vaunted "Carl Crawford money" many expect him to command in the offseason.

Maybe Mejia will be one of those guys that comes back from Tommy John surgery stronger than ever and the 2013 Mets will feature a nice rotation of Mejia, Matt Harvey, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee and Johan Santana, joined by a dynamic offense led by David Wright, Jose Reyes, Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Lucas Duda.

The fact is right now we have nothing to do but place their hope in that, or that Sandy Alderson will be able to twist and bend the roster and shape the Mets into contenders. He's already started: For all the injuries noted above, the Mets are still right around .500, which is a minor miracle thanks in large part to the tertiary guys Alderson either signed or put on the roster: Chris Capuano, Scott Hairson, Chris Young, Ronny Paulino, Jason Isringhausen, Pedro Beato, Tim Byrdak in the former category and Justin Turner and Dillon Gee in the latter.

So I'm trying to keep my eyes firmly on that light at the end of the tunnell. But I can't. Of course Jose Reyes is hurt again. Of course Murphy and Davis are lost for the year. Of course.

Of course.